Interviewing Jacques Poujade, Managing Partner Of LendPlus, On Business And Traveling

For the last few years, Jacques Poujade has served as the Maanaging Partner for LendPlus, an alternative mortgage lender in California. While he spends a lot of time working and helping out others, he is also enjoys traveling all around the world. He answered a few questions for us on his daily life with work, as well as what he enjoys most when traveling.

Tell Us a Little More About Your Company, LendPlus

We are an alternative mortgage lender, offering finance options for those who may not qualify for more traditional mortgage options. We are based in California and currently are licensed to operate there, as well as, as several other states around the country. We love seeing people walk in our doors and leaving with an approval for a mortgage to buy their dream home.

Why Do You Believe Travel is So Important for Business Leaders?

Anyone who is working long hours every single day needs a little bit of break here and there. One of the best ways to relax and get away from everything is to travel to other parts of the world. Not everyone enjoys traveling, but most can get something out of seeing a different perspective in a different part of the world.

With how affordable traveling is these days, it seems like a no brainer to at least go a few different areas around the world.

Where is Your Favorite Place on Earth?

I am always going to be partial to California, just because there are so many different areas within the state to visit. You can ski one day, and then hit up the beaches and work on a tan the next.

Outside of California and the United States, I have always been partial to different parts of Europe. I really enjoy the history of the continent, and the major cities like Paris, London, and Barcelona.

What is One Thing You Must Have in Your Suitcase?

Since I do always need to stay somewhat plugged in, I always have my laptop with me in my suitcase. I think most business leaders these days do the same kind of thing. It is just a very efficient way to check up on things without really using too much time in general. As long as you are not spending hours and hours each day on the laptop, it is fine to bring along.

As far as a fun item is concerned, I am big on dressing like I am a local more than a visitor. That is why you will find a lot of locally inspired clothing in my suitcase either upon arrival, or as I am going back since I purchased some clothing there.

Are You the Plan Months Ahead Type of Person, or Wing it When You Get There Type?

I like to plan ahead to a certain degree, mostly because you can usually find a pretty good deal in general. However, there are also some pretty good deals to be found if you wait last minute. I have never been one to want to spend a lot of money on air travel, simply because most of it is going to be relatively the same in my opinion. I would rather save my money on having enjoyment once I land.

How Can Readers Learn More About You and Your Company?

I have a personal social media accounts on Twitter and Facebook. For those wanting to find out more about LendPlus, you can learn more by visiting my company’s website, You can also follow my blog for mortgage lending and real estate insights at