The News Corp travel columnist, Amanda Smith on a mission to bring back human-centred, character-driven stories

For those of us who don’t want life to pass by without taking a bite out of the world, the joy of relating our travels is only superseded by the experience of breathing it in.

Writer, Amanda Smith, has taken this idea one step further by using her talent as a writer to encourage others to take it upon themselves to venture to the far reaches of the planet. As a travel writer, she plants seeds in the fertile soil of aspiring adventurers who take to lands like Japan, Australia, Europe, and elsewhere.

Exploring is intuitive for this Adelaide-native, but she recognizes that her words have been the catalyst for many less proactive souls. It’s one of the things she’s most proud of in her career. She credits travel with bringing her out of her shell and transforming life into an HD experience.

Having ventured to more than fifty countries, Smith’s internal compass for what is unique and appealing about a location has been honed through personal application. Amanda penned a series for South Australian Tourism, using her expertise as a travel writer to inform others about the many great moments they might experience in her homeland.

Individuality is often the secret to an enjoyable experience abroad. It’s not about forcing one’s self to revel in what appeals to the masses, but rather in finding what unexpected environment might unlock something in yourself. Amanda has written about the ubiquity of Kangaroos in Australia and the festival of light near Uluru, giving her personal take as a News Corp columnist.

The enthusiasm she possesses for discovery is nearly unbridled and most certainly persuasive. The aforementioned individuality is key to Smith’s success as a travel writer with numerous clients across the world. Her articles typically feel like having coffee with a close friend who communicates where she’s been, why you should go, and spells out how to best navigate your course.

She concedes, “I think it’s important to keep in mind that my views are subjective and while I can ethically present my experiences about a place, it might be not what others will feel. I do aim to put a lot of personality and energy into a place but I’d never write something that I didn’t feel was the truth. I’m not afraid to say ‘Hey, this was my experience, but it might not be for everyone…”

When Brand SA (South Australia) held an event with a select group of writers to write about and promote Southern Australia’s prominence as a wine region, they enlisted Amanda for her talent and her youthful way of communicating. Brand SA had taken note of the Smith’s unique voice as a travel writer and wanted her to bring attention to the wine region.

Flying around in a private plane to prestigious events and wineries is not the typical M.O. of most bloggers. Amanda’s web based approach and style was the inverse of many of the print-based writers who had been previously used; an invigorating and successful innovation for Brand SA. In utilizing social media, Smith communicated in real time and manifested a tone of interaction rather than blatant marketing.

The real secret is that, when used responsibly and correctly, social media can be a tool for conversing and sharing ideas rather than simply selling. Amanda’s style creates an ease between her clients and those who appreciate what she offers in her words.

If there is one thing that Smith’s career has established it’s that there is a huge difference between promotion and communication. This has as much to do with intent as it does with talent. A salesperson can sell a product simply to make money or they can do so because they truly believe in the product’s greatness.

Amanda Smith found that marrying her passion for writing and travel became a vehicle for her to do both as a career. It’s undeniable that so many readers are drawn to her work because of the honesty found therein. She has pursued the new avenue of online writing as well as the traditional (her novel The Inner Fire: A deep exploration by a traveller, for travellers is soon to be released).

The most successful actors are often described as great because of their honesty in front of the camera; the same template can be used to describe Amanda’s words. Travel writing has given her the means to use her voice (in written form) to express herself and aid others. It’s something which makes life itself more exciting with a wide range of experiences.

She notes, “I love travel. Like life, you have to accept the range of moments it offers. I’ve had so many experiences as a writer and I wouldn’t trade any of them. I was in Egypt during the Arab Spring. There were over 200,000 protestors very close to us in Tahir Square. We were on a rooftop above watching it all unfold. I’ve seen history take place which effected the world. I’d never have guessed that writing would have made my life so incredibly exciting and interesting.”

Author: Kelly King