Days 4 You

Our destiny is never a place, but a new way of looking at things
Days 4 you travel is a collaborative blog initiative, where travelers or not travelers are able to tell their adventure of a day in any destination, with the intention of inspiring others to travel since they only need one day to live one Great adventure.

Every day is a new trip
You can go hundreds of times to the same place and you will always have a different adventure, as Heraclitus said. "No one bathes in the river twice because everything changes in the river and bathes." We want others to want to travel thanks to the great adventure that a person like you, had the opportunity to live.

All trips have secret destinations on which the traveler knows nothing
Each travel story is everything that someone did or can do in a day, sharing their experience, the best photos of the trip, the route or places visited and some tips that will be of great help to other travelers.