Lisbon Travel Guide

Travelling in Europe in February can be pretty cold for some people. Those who prefer warmer weather Lisbon is one of the optimal choices. Lisbon has a mild climate, with the most rain falling from December to February so certainly it can be wet and windy but it certainly will be a lot warmer than Northern countries. Average daytime temperature in Lisbon in February is 14 - 16 C, often warmer. Night-times 8 - 9 C. The highest recorded temperature for February in Lisbon during the past 20 years of records was 24 degrees.

If you happen to be in Lisbon during 24th February 2017 to 28th February 2017 it is highly recommended to take part of Rio Carnival, a major event in Lisbon, also known as The Lisbon Carnival celebrated at end of winter. The party is celebrated all along the coast where people wear masks and juggle down the colorful streets.