Parnu - Estonia


Pärnu Estonia is the Summer Capital of Estonia. It is a seaside resort city with the warmest climate in Estonia. Its location is on the southwestern part of Estonia. There are active recreation and holiday facilities, housing spas, theatre and wonderful places for staging concerts. Historical and rich vibrant Hanseatic cities during medieval period -Unspoilt nature, clean air and delightful views, photo: zannnie  -  2.7.2016 @ Pärnu, Estonia.

Getting there:

Map of the public transport routes
(12,8 MB, .pdf) 

Bus info: +372 447 1870; 12012 (priced)

Tickets can be bought at newsstands/R- kiosks and bigger shops and food stores or from the driver. Buying a ticket from the driver please enter at the front door; tickets are only sold at stops, not while the vehicle is moving. Tickets bought from the driver are more expensive than those bought at a newsstand.

Punch your ticket right after entering at a machine located in the bus. Note that you must punch your ticket immediately upon entering. The ticket is valid one hour.

Passengers traveling with false tickets or without tickets will be fined.

* From trade outlets 0.64 € 
* From the driver 1.00 € 
* 10 day ticket 7.67 € 
* 30 day ticket 14.06 € 

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