How far are the terracotta warriors from Beijing?

It is 1079.2 kilometers from Beijing to Xi’an and it takes about 12 hours to drive to the destination. There are also long distance buses, which departs at about 17:30 and the whole journey takes more than 17 hours. The bus arrives in the next morning. That is say, the bus is overnight bus and the safety factors should be considered. One can also walk, which takes 221 hours. But it is only for reference, no one really walks from Beijing tours to Terracotta Warriors.

But now the distance is not counted by kilometers, but by the time spent on the journey. So, it is a 2-hour-journey by plane plus one and a half hours to the destination, a 5-hour-journey by high-speed train plus one hour to the scenic spot and a night trip by common train plus one hour to the attraction.

At present, the transportation between Beijing and Xi’an is so convenient that one can easily make a day tour to Xi’an from Beijing and return to Beijing the same day. And there are so many choices. The best routes are introduced in previous questions. The following will be the less chosen routes.

K4217 is the cheapest one with only hard seats and soft seats, which takes RMB 83.5 and RMB 141.5 respectively. The journey is undesirable because it takes 22 hours for the whole journey and one has to get on the train at mid-night. It means that one has to get up at mid-night or wait in the waiting room for half a night. Moreover, the arrival time is 2:03 in mid-night. There is no overnight public transportation, and the taxi will be the only choice. To add up, a hotel is needed for the rest of the night. So, although it is the cheapest one in ticket price, it ends the worst one and the journey will ruin the tour totally.

Moreover, other trains departing at mid-night or arriving at mid-night should be avoided. Because there are no overnight plane and overnight high-speed train, the problem referred above do not exist.

Considering the problem of visiting Terracotta Warriors and Horses the same day and make full use of the rest day, airplane and common trains are the best choices. Moreover, ticket price should be included. From the above 3 factors, the best routes will be listed.

Take the first flight CA1203 to Xi’an, visit Terracotta Warriors and Horses from Beijing in the morning and leave the rest day for attractions in the downtown of Xi’an, for example, the Ancient City Wall, Big Goose Pagoda, the Muslim Quarter, Shaanxi History Museum or visit Huaqing Hot Spring or Banpo Neolithic village around Xi’an. And from the ticket price, the first flight is usually the cheapest.

For overnight trains, T231, Z43 and Z19 are three best ones. There are another advantage of taking trains, that is, there is direct public bus to the Terracotta Warriors and Horses, which costs only RMB 7.