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Santa’s Village, Santapark

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You don’t believe there’s really a Santa Claus? Here’s where you would

There is not just Santa Claus, in Rovaniemi Finland. There is even a Santa’s village, Santa’s Post Office, Santa’s office, Santapark

It is more than just a fairytale experience for your visit, you get to meet the 16th generation Santa Claus who speaks perfect English. And he makes you feel like a kid all over again!

The good thing is it is Free entry. And the bad thing is there is a bit more commercialization than you can imagine because of the many souvenir shops all around the village. You are also prohibited to use your own cameras to take photographs with Santa. A professional photographer who greets you in the dressing of an elf, and he takes for you and you’re encourage to buy, let’s say 2 photos for 25 Euro, or 49 Euro for a USB that includes the data of the two photos, the movie from the moment you’ve entered the room, with the chatting with Santa, and exiting. I really think their pricing strategy was really clever. Most people will not buy just two hard prints out. And comparing 25 to 49 Euro, most people will spend 49 considering you get the original digital files of the movie and it makes you work at the back of your mind that you can print out whichever moments you want. Movies is always more convincing than a still image. Afterall, you are here with Santa and all the way to the Arctic Circle! Not cheap, but everyone wants to have a good memory.

Santa’s Village, Santapark

You can try a 5-8 minutes reindeer sleigh ride in the park, a classic memory is the view of the ‘butt’ of the reindeer! And you can arrange or organize almost every activity from the single Santa Village, from cafes, to reindeer ride, snowmobile tours, huskies dog tours etc. This is a place where a 2-3 hours would be enough, or even up to half a day.

Santa’s Village, Santapark

While my husband and Singaporean friends were enjoying their huskies rides, we met two cute Japanese girls signing up to send a postcard from Santa. It can be to any address all over the world. This would cost 7 Euro but it might be all worth while if that has been a dream you had been having to receive a post card from Santa Claus. At the Santa’s post office, it's fulfilling this dream. This is a magical place that makes me feel like a big kid once again! Imagine children can just write to Santa simply “To Santa Finland” and the Finnish Post knows exactly where to deliver it to.

Santa’s Village, Santapark

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