12 World’s Top Definite Romantic Destinations For The Truly Romantic Part I

To go with the special someone.

You might be reading this because you want to plan a trip to the most romantic destination in Europe. Many people voted Paris, Venice, Nice, Budapest and Corfu to be the top 5 most romantic destinations. There are others who added Mykonos, Rhodes, Tuscany, Majorca, Cannes, Capri and Cotswolds to the list.

It is not really a subjective question. Being voted on the world’s top has its basis. We consider their most unforgettable ‘right spot’ with the special someone, the friendliness of their people, their climate and last but not least their buoyant and ecstatic places. Let’s take a deeper look at the possibilities.

Most Romantic in Budapest: The Citadel

Out of these voted the best destinations, we have personally been to Venice and Budapest. We used to live in Budapest and that makes us quite credible in speaking more about which destination makes a vacation romantic. People like to tell you that living in a place and spending your time on vacation at a place is different. We want to agree with this too.

We have met many people, couples or singles or with families, touring Budapest while some lives in Budapest. It sometimes is a surprise to have Budapest on this list. Now that we live in the magical Tallinn, we feel more and more about the beauty that Budapest could offer. Not about absence makes the heart fonder, but rather real experience matters.

In Budapest, the romantic attractions include the spot on the Citadel (a kind of fortress). At night, it is really romantic to take the car and your loved one, up the winding roads to the top of the Citadel and overlook the City. Although there are still those left-over Soviet munitions. Do not let it deceive you: the cannon-ball-pocked of the 19th century fort and the Liberation Monument as they should not affect your mood for love.

Fishermen's Bastion @ Buda Castle

Next is the fortified and cobblestone Castle District, visit the National Gallery if you have the time and mood for some museum paintings. One place that sets a fairytale setting is the Fisherman’s Bastion. There is the lookout terrace, the publicly opened Matthias Church where royal couples took their vows formerly. The Danube and Chain Bridge, Parliament and State Opera House, City Park, all offers a great romantic good time. Simply strolling. Take your time and savor a Hungarian Wine or Champagne, and if you still have another half a day, check out the Great Synagogue.

We have written about the romantic ambience of Venice, from the Grand Canal to the Rialto Bridge. Venice itself provides the romantic experience, from the moment we decided to travel there together as a couple on an overnight train to being back recollecting our memories on our digital albums. The ambience of Venice is beyond words.


How beautiful and romantic is Venice exactly?

It is better described through our most famous seducer, Giacomo Casanova. His personal story is brought to mind when we talk about Venice. The story about him at San Giorgio Maggiore (the tiny island opposite St. Mark’s Square), the Doge’s Palace, his plotted escape, Doge’s grand Square Atrium and the Golden Staircase.

Panorama of the Doge's Palace at Dawn, Venice, Italy

The ‘Ponte dei Sospiri’ or Bridge of Sighs is a world renowned bridge. Many want to see the most intolerable and brutal prison cells - the completely escaped-proof cell proven wrong by Giacomo Casanova. And if possible, you want to experience together with your love a ride on the Gondola on the Grand Canal.

Tuscany dream

In Tuscany, there are great promising views from the balconies. Its history of the castles offers great rural tourism opportunities. Climb the towers that leads you to some breathtaking views of the countryside.

Tuscany hills

Sunbath and relax at the pool, wait for the sunset along the beach, check out the old jail or port tower from the Capraia Isle’s lighthouse. The great geothermal activity underneath offers you an enjoyable time in the natural hot springs.  It is worthy to try the natural hot water pools and waterfalls.

chianti valley

Wander through San Filippo, Saturnia, Petriolo and Bagno Vignoni. Wandering. Yes, wandering throughout the Chianti hills and vineyards. Picnic under an oak tree, where all around are fields, fields and fields. Pisa, Siena, Firenze are charming and beautiful, do also check out the old charming medieval village exploring the narrow streets and small churches.


With many limestone cliffs and waterfront villas all around is Capri in Italy in the Tyrrhenian Sea. La dolce vita, the good life in Italian, simply starts at the Fontelina beach club. Checked out the boutique-lined streets of Capri town, and Anacapri’s quieter village which offers more privacy where you can stroll through the 19th century gardens. 

Italy, Capri - Statue of Aphrodite in Giardini Augusto (Gardens of Augustus)

Water excursions is one of the best ways to explore Capri, one of the top natural beauty is the arch of I Faraglioni. Via Krupp, Isle of Capri and Ana Capri, gardens of Augustus, Belvedere Cannone, natural arch monuments, Green Grotta, Villa Jovis, Villa St Michele, Marina Piccola, Piazza Umberto I, White Grotta, La Certosa di San Giacomo.