Lapland (Finland)

The adorable reindeers in Lapland!

Lapland is the region across Norway, Finland, Sweden and Russia, largely within the Arctic Circle. The Finnish Lapland where we went was Rovaniemi, 10 km south of the Arctic Circle.

Experiencing the extreme cold winter is just one of the reason we chose this place. It is very near Santapark and the official hometown of Santa Claus. We had a great time at the Santa Claus Village and our friends also visited the Arktikum museum of Finland.

Getting there from Estonia Tallinn in the most economical manner and in the shortest time is possible - but quite a challenge too. We walked to the departure terminal from where we live in Tallinn and we took a ferry that cruises to Helsinki Port. Then, via a private taxi, we headed to the Helsinki Airport Vantaa to take the Norwegian air to Rovaniemi. We arrived at Rovaniemi Airport in 1 hour 20 mins.

So from door to door, after 8 hours, we arrived to the land of lakes and reindeers - Lapland. 

We booked a 3-Room Cottage near the ski resort in Rovaniemi, it was a good accommodation that is fully equipped.