If your like me and you like to make sure your getting the best bang for your buck then you should try booking your hotels with As we all know there are plenty of comparison sites each offering a different price for the same hotels. What I like about BetaBook hotels is that it compares 100's of comparison sites all in one go. So it collects all the prices from sites like, and so you get the best price for the hotel you want. It actually guarantees it to be up to 80% cheaper or money back. It's a good tool to save you time, money and effort and also good to use for last minute bookings, even be confident using it on the go. What often sways my booking choices are the trusted reviews and recommendations it displays and if your the type that really wants the cheapest price hotel they include direct bookings and some cosy hostel choices too. 

-------A Little Tip ------
I have to admit I do look forward to leaving a review myself after a stay and I make sure I mention to the hotel staff that I'm reviewing the hotel online. I find it makes a cheeky difference in the service you get.