Eger, Hungary

Eger, Sunset

In the Northern Hungary is this historic town called Eger. The must see for Eger is the castle other than the many historic buildings such as the Turkish minaret, the thermal baths, the small wine museum, the Basilica and the Lyceum. This Basilica is the third largest in Hungary, so it is worth a visit. There is also a Serbian church called 'Ractemplom' and it is in baroque and rococo architectural styles. If you visit it in a day trip, you may also consider to extend it longer with visits to the wax museum or panopticum, the weapon exhibition, and the minting museum. There is also an art gallery and the Gothic Palace as part of the Egri Var (Castle). Love wine tasting? Then you must taste the "Valley of the Beautiful Women". The other recommendation is to enjoy yourself in the thermal baths or even horseback riding.