Trolleys in Tallinn Estonia

Trolleys in Tallinn Estonia by zannnielim
Trolleys in Tallinn Estonia, a photo by zannnielim on Flickr.
Opposite the street of Balti Jaam, the Russian market Balti Jaama Turg is a must see, the 12th century Saint Olav's Church, the Kiek in de Kok museum in the great artilery tower. I was mostly at the Old Town, seeing the St Catherine's Passage. We will definitely check out the Von Krahl Theatre, the Kumu Art Museum that is housed in the limestone and glass building. Also the Open Air Museum seeing the old Estonian life, the 12 farms, watermills, windmills, forestation, church, schoolhouse and tavern. I was told by our friend Triin that their Song Festival is an amazing event to join, the Kadriorg Park and the Katusekino which is a 300 pax rooftop cinema right on the top of the Viru shopping centre.