Istanbul Bazaars and Beyond, Turkey

Spice Bazaar, Istanbul

Spices, dried fruit, nuts, Turkish Delight, Cheese, Turkish Coffee, tea, candy, olives and last but not least, baklava.

Istanbul, Turkey

Lokum, Hagia Sophia, turkish delights, kebap, these are just some of the must try and must see. Personally, I've enjoyed exploring the Egyptian Bazaar. It was the first on my list when I arrive in Istanbul. Sometimes, people called it the The Spice Bazaar and Mısır Çarşısıin Turkish and in case you are wondering why it is called the Egyptian Bazaar like I did, that's because the origin of import of the spices were from Egypt during the Ottoman period.

Tea and Spices, Istanbul

Where shopping is concern in Istanbul, I am not particularly interested in the jewelry and antiques in the bazaar. I must say the textile part of it is very interesting to do 'window shopping'. There are many colours and designs for the shawls and headscarves. Just love the feeling you have a wide spectrum of colors to pick from, besides, the prices are really good. So let's say ranging from 2.5 lira to 5 lira, you can easily find something you like. The other things available are alabaster, ceramics, meerschaum, copper, maps and books, apparel, nazar bonjuks, kilims, prints, brass, leather apparel, silk, carpets, wood and inlaid. Here you can easily see everywhere the sale of a Turkish good luck charm called the 'evil eye beads'.