Travel beyond expectations

It is very frustrating to be in a country where you have no idea about the language and even can't read and understand the basic signs. I had this  feeling when I was in China facing signs like this.

to inform you:)

Even worse when it comes to communication with local people. There are countries where even a single hello is a challenge and unless you are someone who prefer to stay in the hotel and on the sightseeing bus you have to make efforts to get closer to local people and to their culture.


Travel Beyond Expectations is an initiative that helps you bring on the smiles and to feel the warmth of the local people with just a couple of words and phrases in the local language. Mastering Chinese, Japanese or Korean is not easy for Europeans or for Americans. Travel Beyond Expectations offers online courses to learn travel phrases in three language. You can go for basic Chinese phrases, also can learn basic Japanese phrases or there is an opportunity to learn basic Korean phrases

The concept is very simple. Instead of memorizing difficult grammar rules you just pick up the basic conversation phrases in a new language using the extremely short nanolearning technique.


This approach fits the schedule even of the most busy businessmen as they keep the lessons no longer than one minute. Through nanolearning, you can easily learn no matter how busy you are. The site targets people with very limited free time. The structure of the website and the lessons fit the most busy schedules, too.

Perfect place to start with the basics, to impress your friends or business partners and to have enough motivation for a further step.