Private luxury tours across France

France is a country that do need to be introduced. I don't think that there are anyone on this planet who has never heard of France. Not only the wonderful landscapes but also the rich history and culture, and of course the unique French cuisine makes this country unforgetable. 

                                 The beautiful Loire Valley 
Beautiful Loire Valley, Center of France
                                      (photo: natureloving)

A La Carte France Tours offers private luxury tours across France. Exploring a country with a small group of people having your private driver and minivan is much more comfortable than seeing everything through the window of a large bus. With A La Carte France Tours you will have a tailored vacation in France chosing your preferred locations according to your exact specifications.

from paris with love
                                            (photo: agaw.dilim)

Tours are offered in the 7 large regions of France or you can go for their 17 days Best of France tours. The 7 regions are:


Historic hotels and fine cuisine restaurant meals are included into the tours making sure that you do not miss any important sights and views. France is a country where every single corner is worth to check.

Petite France
                                         (photo: Alexandre Prévot)

Strasbourg is great for a mixed of city and landscapes sightseeing while the Jura Mountains provide mountainous landscapes making the little wine towns and medieval villages a wonderful experience.