Holy Land Pilgrimages

Holyland Pilgrimages offers unforgetable Christian Pilgrimages to the holy land. Their tours are very well organized, professional events.


When it comes to the holy land we can't miss Jerusalem. The tour starts with a panoramic overview from the Mt. Olives and leads you along the valley of Kidron to the garden of Gethsemane. Armenian quarter, the Western Wall as one of the most characteristic spot in Jerusalem and Stations of the Cross in the Christian Quarter are also included into the programme.

Another very interesting tour with Holyland Pilgrimages leads you to Bethlehem - King David's place of birth and also the place were people think Jesus was born.  The tour drives you through the Nativity Circle, continued to Milk Grotto and to Catholic and Greek churches. Many spiritual places.

We highly recommend Holyland Pilgrimages to explore the holy land and its spritual places.