Bethlehem Israel Tour

Bein Harim Services limited is a leading israeli government licensed travel service that is specialized in planning, organizing and conducting guided tours to Israel.


We will highlight here their special tour to Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Massada and Dead Sea.

The two days tour starts in Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives along the Gethsemane Garden and the old city walls. The Armenian quarter, the Western Wall, the Bazaar, the Christian Quarter and walk the 1700 years old main street are all included into the rich programme.

The tour is continued in Bethlehem through Nativity Circle visiting the Milk Grotto where Mary fed her son. Bethlehem is one of the holy places of the world. The birthplace of King David and of Jesus Christ.

On the second day the tour will lead you to the Judean Desert through the inn of the Good Samaritan. By cable car you can go up the the 2000 years old fort of King Herod. The are of Dead Sea is a very special place. It is 400 meter below sea level, the lowest place on this planet being rich in mineral water where you can take the famous mud-bath enjoying the therapeutic quality of it.

The tour goes back to Jerusalem at the end of the day with an overview of Jericho and Roman Road.

Sounds very exciting! Hats, proper (modest) dresses and bathing suits are recommended