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The region now known as Vietnam has been inhabited since Paleolithic times. Archaeologists have linked the beginnings of Vietnamese civilization to the Bronze Age Phung Nguyen culture. By about 1200 BC, the development of wet-rice cultivation and bronze casting in the Ma River and Red River floodplains led to the development of the Dong Son culture. The legendary Hồng Bàng Dynasty of the Hùng kings is considered the first Vietnamese state, known in Vietnamese as Văn Lang. The Vietnamese dynasties reached their zenith in the Lê Dynasty of the 15th century, especially during the reign of Emperor Lê Thánh Tông. The country has a very rich history and culture, the history of a nation that fought for its independence for centuries.


After so many wars, recently Vietnam is experiencing a fast development and became a prefered destination for millions of tourists.This is a country of many influences. Indian and Hindu culture had a lasting influence in the Cham temples and spicy regional cuisine. In the North, Chinese connections are far more apparent. Between these two competing cultures, you’ll find the real Vietnam in the central provinces: the historic old port of Hoi An, and the royal tombs, pagodas and imperial cuisine of Hue. 


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Their Grand Vietnam package tour lasts for 18 days while you can explore the country's three main regions. 
The Northern Vietnam express tour leads you to the colourful hill tribes, and to the giant limestone karsts.  


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