New York New York

New York New York by Kali Koldwater
New York New York, a photo by Kali Koldwater on Flickr.

We stayed at NEW YORK NEW YORK this last weekend in Vegas. It was a pretty cool hotel, it reminded me of The Night At The Roxbury. On the main floor there were little streets that were supost to be like new york and there was food places and it was like the inside was the outside haha pretty cool. Although on the last day there was some kind of electrical fire on the 5th floor and i was getting ready and packing and some lady came pounding on the door and said we had to leave. You could smell smoke and i was sooo pissed. But a few hours later we got back into our room cause we were on the 7th floor. Although some of the people we were with were on the 5th floor and missed their flight because the couldn't get into their room, i would have been soo mad haha