I have been several times to Germany. Berlin, Frankfurt, München, Gießen, Darmstadt, Frankfurt an der Oder, Düsseldorf, Mönchengladbach, Ulm, Zwiefalten, Leipzig, Dresden the former Karl Marx Stadt in Easter Germany, and Köln. I have travelled there by airplane, by train, by car and I have crossed the country by hitchhiking to Holland too. 

Berlin Skyline
(photo: Dietrich Bojko Photographie)

My impressions are very different. In Eastern Germany, I found a gray and cold atmosphere which was sort of scary to me even if I had my own experience about the socialism in Hungary. On the other hand, when 10 years after I participated in a student exchange program in Darmstadt, I found there the coolest guys ever with a wonderful warm atmosphere. 

When I was hitchhiking to Amsterdam in 1993, German drivers were pretty strict, they didn't want to take us unless we had insurance. We spent a night in Mönchengladbach where other friends were living as students at an old couple's house. Right after our arrival, the landlord who is a proud German gentleman, asked if we were Christians and if we were married. That's because and otherwise, I can't sleep together with my girlfriend. The gentleman took us to the mall (that was the very first mall I have ever seen) and passing by a car exhibition room, he proudly emphasized each words of Bayerishe Motor Werks.


Germany is always a tidy, disciplined, smart and an effective country in my mind. When I was a student and spent some time with my German mates, I realized how different the new generation is from those proud, strict, conservative gentlemen. When I visited it for work, I experienced very opened and constructive atmosphere. Definitely less bullshitting there, when it comes to compare about working in Hungary. 

I love that their highways are free of charge and especially that there is no speed limit. I think it is connected with their disciplined nature. If it was necessary (rain, sharp curves, bridges etc.) they slowed down as it was requested.

For work I would definitely choose Germany with a pleasure. When it comes to work, I prefer effectiveness and you can find it in Germany. For living, I am afraid I am still too young for that country. I can't stand disciplined neighbourhoods where everyone has a remark on your garden or lifestyle. Maybe living in a culturally vibrant city like Berlin it would be different but I hardly can imagine my life in Bayern in a village. by the way Berlin is very amazing. I love the culture there, so much life and the same cool people as I experienced in Darmstadt.

Surrounded by Towers - Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany
(photo: Batikart)

Germany is a great country and I think it is getting better and better. The new generation will be 'less sauer' thats for sure and even if there are some tensions amongst the immigrants, Germany has a multicultural future which is the best that could happen. I found Germany an excellent example as to how to have a new start after a disasterous past, and how to build something prosperous and peaceful.

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