The Netherlands: A Super Long Queue - Anne Frank's House in Amsterdam

Everyone wants to see how Anne Frank lived in her last two years in that house. Everyone who visits Amsterdam. Almost.

Super long Queue outside Anne Frank's House in Amsterdam

Perhaps this particular place of interest in Holland has already been long well-known for its super long queue. The Hollanders tell you to be aware of the lines way before you get there.

Super long Queue outside Anne Frank's House in Amsterdam

Indeed it was so unbelievably long. Its queue was as far as 200 people, and counting.

Super long Queue outside Anne Frank's House in Amsterdam

It almost brings you to a shop (two streets away from the Anne Frank House/Prinsengracht) with a sign that says 'Discounted Tickets No Waiting'. Right next to it, is printed on a small piece of paper 'not for Anne Frank's House'.
Discount Tickets No Waiting in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

It would have seemed to be so effective, I mean this signage. The words itself about 'no waiting' just contradicts the actual situation, an irony that makes it so tempting for you to get nearer into the store.

Discount Tickets No Waiting in Amsterdam,  the Netherlands

Hey, it's just a shop that sells souvenirs of Amsterdam. I supposed they do have 'discounted tickets' but not for Anne Frank's house. That's almost sure as even the 'iamsterdam tourist card' issued by their official tourism board does not entitle you to any discount at the Anne Frank's House either! Even it's also an Amsterdam Museum!!

I must admit that this 'souvenir shop' has a clever way to entirely entice tourists who are there for the Anne Frank's House museum visit.

We were one of them who wanted to see the Anne Frank's House. Slightly disappointed.

We had looked and even booked a hotel that is five minutes walk from the Anne Frank's House. So we may attempt to queue from very early morning or be one of the last few visitor to see the museum. However, this arrangement was insufficient. As one day before we arrived to Amsterdam, we tried to book online tickets for the entrance to the Anne Frank's House. It was already SOLD OUT!

It wasn't an exaggeration but I read online on a forum that these online tickets were even sold out one week ahead!!

I told Zsolt that Anne Frank's Diary was the first English book which I picked in my primary school library. (In Singapore, we were 'forced' to cultivate reading habits for about 20 minutes before our recess time. And I picked the 'Anne Frank's Dairy' for my first book.)

So we saw lots of people taking photos outside the house like this:

It also led us to the Homomonument which takes the form of three large pink triangles made of granite, set into the ground so as to form a larger triangle, on the bank of the Keizersgracht canal, near the historic Westerkerk church.

Homomonument in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

We decided to buy tickets for the Canal Bus which offers 4 fabulous Hop-on-Hop-off tours instead. Traveling along the waterways is not just romantic but this service though cost 22 Euros per person allows you unlimited use of the Red, Green, Orange and Blue Canal Bus routes.

Turned out, it was a better idea!

Hop-On Hop-Off Canal Cruise, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Besides, there was a pleasant multilingual recorded commentary on the Canal Bus (in English, Dutch, French, German, Spanish and Italian).

Practical Tip (in Amsterdam, the Netherlands)

You can book online.

Post post in 2016 July: Gessell wrote to add the following tip:

"The lines for the Anne Frank House used to be super long. Recently this year they changed it so that in the mornings you can only enter if you have a reservation. I hope that helps with the lines. But it also means that you have to plan weeks in advance if you want to visit. Well worth the trouble though in my opinion. I've never been so moved by someplace as I was there. "

Thank you Gessell!