Amsterdam, the amazing capital of the Netherlands

Almost everyone who comes back after checking out Amsterdam are saying "I love Amsterdam!". Well, the few who did not probably think the capital city is too expensive to live in.

You cannot deny the 'PULSE' that makes the city so full of LIFE! Bicycles, lots of bicycles! This is not just a vibrant city with lots of different transportation modes: boats, cruises, buses, taxis, riverboats, cars, metro, trams, bicycles again. The preferred choice seemed to be bicycles as we were told the canals are 3metres but one meter is full of bicycles, the other one meter is the mud, and one meter of canal water:) So go figure!

Be ready to meet the easy-going Hollanders. People will tell you to visit their infamous 'Red light district' of ladies wearing their lingerie, flaunting their looks and swaying their bodies infront of their wide open window. Sadly, they are prostitutes making their earn. I supposed that is the saddest part of the city.

Despite a liberalized view about drugs like marijuana and acts like prostitution, their smarter belief that if these are made illegal, it might forced them going underground, causing a higher increase in prices, higher rates of crimes. This pragmatism and their general philosophy of 'live and let live' makes it an amazing place somehow! Inspires you in a way to want to live in a place that is liberal, open and very 'dutch'. Lots of canals, more than you can imagine as they are like everywhere. The architectures are so so beautiful.

When in Holland, you must try the herrings too!

This is the video compiled and about my impressions of Amsterdam, enjoy!

More photos to come soon!