Zagreb, Croatia

Cathedral . Zagreb

Cathedral . Zagreb

The gothic spires of the Cathedral in Zagreb leads you to this cathedral in Kaptol, Zagreb. It is the most famous building in Croatia as well as the tallest. The tapering conical structure on top of this church can be seen from many locations in the city. Instinctively, I walked closer and closer to the cathedral discovering its history and beauty. After which you should also check out the Dolac farmer's market which is in walking distance from the city main square.

The tram ride services within the square is for free*.
*post-post: Not any more when I revisited Zagreb in July 2013. Croatia just joined the European Union yesterday. The same sights in the Center which are still so in-tact and beautiful. This time we stayed in a hotel outside the city centre and even so the rides on the public trams (at 12 Kuna, approximately 1.61 Eur based on todays' rate) is still not too expensive. It takes about 20minutes to get to the city centre, by car would have been 10minutes.

free zagreb tram rides, travelzin

The new tram services map:

So you can take these blue trams to visit the Museum and other places of interest of the city.
Zagreb's tram public transportation, blue trams

If you cross over to the other side, you will see the Gornji grad (Upper Town).

Zagreb, Upper Town

It is a cobblestoned street and you can enjoy a very nice scenic walk (up) to smoke into the cultural parts of the Croatians.

If you are going to be in Zagreb, it is worth to see the Bana Jelacica Square in the old town of Zagreb. The sporting and recreational centre is in Jarun where you can rollerblade, cycle and walk along the tracks that surround the lakes. For me, I also walked a little further up to the St Mark's Church which has a 300+ feet tower.

St Mark's Church

This church is also recognized as the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary and St. Stephen and Ladislav. Very interestingly, it is a neo-Gothic 13th century building and it has this eccentric red-white-blue tiled roof with coats of arms for Zagreb and the Kingdom of Croatia, Dalmatia and Slavonia.

As for me, I enjoy taking photos of the details on the architectures and buildings. At least that is what I love to do, to observe what the city has to offer besides their people, listening to the sounds of their language and trying out their local food/snacks and many other small details about their kind of lifestyle.

Very funnily, I noticed that all along the way in the upper town or better known as Gornji Grad, the entire street was empty and almost no one was walking on the street.

Then much later and walking further, I spotted a few people there and they were actually filming.
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I guess these few people are reporters and maybe there were some important news or having some VIPs visiting then.

Gradec Stone Gate Monument, travelzin
There is another sculpture in the outdoor next to the Gradec Stone Gate.