Szent Miklós Malom - Mohács

Szent Miklós Malom- Mohács by zsoolt
Szent Miklós Malom- Mohács, a photo by zsoolt on Flickr.
St. Nicholas watermill - Mohács, Hungary. My cousin has reconstructed this mill from ruins.

Szent Miklós Malom- Mohács

The mill obtained its present form in the 1930s, as the wheel-house was attached to the east side of the structure. Therefore the St. Nicholas watermill is one of the few mill monuments of our times where the creek flows across the inside of the building. 

Szent Miklós Malom- Mohács

The water of the mill-race rushed here, coming from Creek Csele. The stately waterwheel with 2,5 m diameter and 32 buckets can be found in this room.

Szent Miklós Malom- Mohács

Contact and enquiry:
Norbert M. Bugarszki 00 36 20/411-44-74,

Route to the monument:

At the Somberek-Palotabozsok junction of motorway M6 turn off to the highway Mohács-Pécsvárad and drive about 10 kilometres in the direction of Mohács.

GPS: N 46º 2,453’ E 18º 40,624’