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Bol, Brac (Croatia)

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Croatia - Bol

Day trip to Bol, Brac island

Bol is special because it is the longest and the most elevated island in central Dalmatia with a distance of 48km long and only 14 km wide. Not much lush vegetation and it is rather a dry island with rocky shores. From the Lucice Bay is a great scuba diving spot.

Zlatni rat beach, croatia, bol travelzin

Bol, Brac is a day trip which we made from Hvar Stari Grad. It is one hour from Split but we got there by a passenger ferry which is also run by the same maritime company as the car ferry which we took from Split to Hvar, Jadrolinija. The ride's experience is different from the car ferry.

It is recommended that you check the schedule of the ferries in advanced. We set off with lots of sunscreen lotion, the local Croatian currency (the Kuna), swimming gears, two towels and towards Port Supetar -BOL we went.

BOL is a townlet. We chose it because of its beach. From a helicopter view, it has this beautiful turquoise clear blue waters at the tip of the Zlatni Rat Beach. Now you see why it is also named as the famous 'Golden Horn' of Croatia.
zlatniRATbeach, Croatia, Travelzin

Well, the beach is a pebble beach. So do not expect fine sands as there aren't really.

Bol island Brac, Croatia, travelzin

A tip before you travel there would be to buy yourself a pair diving or swimming shoes. It really makes walking on the hot pebble beach more comfortable even if you want to take a dip in the Adriatic Sea.

Bol island Brac, Croatia

Bol island Brac, Croatia

Croatia and the surrounding islands including Bol has a mediterranean climate. So expect long, hot and dry summer (with short, mild and wet winters). There are lots of sunshine too. Hence if you are planning for a nice tan, bring lots of UV protection sunscreen. Drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated at all times too! The umbrellas and deck chairs are for hire and is on first come first serve basis. 

Bol island Brac, Croatia, travelzin

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