The Special Mood of Prague

Prague - Czech Republic

Not just because Prague is a popular destination for holidaymakers. It is one of the European cities in its original architecture that has the least damage fro the war. Prague has beautiful architecture from Art Nouveau to Renaissance, as well as Cubist and Gothic style.

When in Prague, you must not miss the Prague Castle which is the biggest castle in the world.

Prague Reflections

It has been around since the 9th Century!

Imagine...the wall of peace and freedom.-

Imagine, this is the Lennon Wall. It was said that there are John Lennon-inspired graffiti and lyrics from songs by the Beatles. An important yet symbolic wall full of graffiti that represents youth ideals in the country.

Next on the list that you must see is the 'Old New Synagogue'- Europe's oldest active synagogue. The reason why you must see it is becauseit was spared during the Nazi's destruction, so it means it was never entered by the Gestapo during the war!

Old-New Synagogue Prague HDR


Everybody will surely advice you to check out this unique Astronomical Clock. It has a dial that represents the position of the sun and moon in the sky. You must also try to catch the 'Walk of the Apostles' and the speciality about this clock is also the calendar dial with medallions.


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