Reminiscing Rome (Italy)

Waiting at the Ciampino Airport for four hours was no joke. We were 'strapped' there because the staff issuing the tickets for the city bus made a mistake. Better to say she was given a chart that was with a flight schedule which was not updated:( so the 'wrong timings' were given to us.

We watched this sunset with a lot of migratory birds above our heads. It looked speckled in black spots but they are actually birds! It was really amazing watching this with the beautiful orange coloured sunset:) One almost hit me right on my face as it was right before I moved a step out. But no escape. I got some 'present' (ie birds' dropping) on my left shoulder.

With so many hours at the airport, we had another Foccacia sandwich;) Zannnie bought a new book about Rome called "Rome Past and Present, with Reconstructions of Ancient Monuments" - R.A. Staccioli. She likes it as it was a book overlaid with acetate illustrations, which shows how they looked in their heydays. This method of relating the ruins to their original selves is amazing:)