Kaunas Lithuania

Kaunas - Lithuania

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I have spent like two days in Kaunas in 2003 with my students on an exchange program. It was my first time in Lithuania but my second time to the Baltics as before I have been to Estonia, too. I really like the Baltic countries that despite the cold weather they have a warm atmosphere.

Kaunas - Lithuania

Kaunas, also known by several other names, is the second largest city in Lithuania and a former temporary capital.

Kaunas - Lithuania

One of the legends tells us, that Kaunas was established by Romans in ancient times. The head of this Romans group was the patrician Palemon, who had three sons: Barcus, Kunas and Sperus. Palemon went away from Rome, because he feared emperor Neron. So, he with his sons and other relatives came to Lithuania. After his death three sons shared out all Lithuania's lands. Kunas got lands, which now is standing city of Kaunas. Kunas build a castle near confluence of Nemunas ir Neris rivers and city was call - Kaunas from his name.

Kaunas - Lithuania

Here's inviting you to take a 'car ride' with us in the following video :) enjoy!

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