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12:02 PMJaamZIN

One of the attractions of Singapore is the Night Safari. This is the world's first wildlife park that you can visit at night. I was very curious of it and I expected something very natural.

Night Safari - Singapore

The place is located to the northern part of Singapore, out of the city in the jungle. Hot, wet place with a lot of greens and small lakes serving as reservoirs.

Night Safari - Singapore

They use subtle lighting technique to make sure the guests will be able to see something. You can find 1,000 noctural animals of 100 species in a very green, animal friendly environment.

Night Safari - Singapore

It was really fun and I like the idea, but to be honest I expected something more natural and less touristic. Just like everything in Singapore the park is very carefully set up on more then 40 hectares. Everything is clean, the service is excellent, the whole park is a real tropical jungle but to me still artificial.

Visitors are guided and transported on a slow motion train each having like 100 passangers. The guides are talking into speaker so finally you find a noisy mass in the jungle on properly built roads. I was wonder how the animals can be so calm in the middle of that industry.

Night Safari - Singapore

The place is designed for children, to me the artificial tone of the guides was pretty annoying but I understand that not I am the main target group there:)

Night Safari - Singapore

Yes its not a real safari where guests visit the animals (even taking a certain risk) in their environment. This Night Safari is still a zoo but among them one of the best designed and animal friendly. No cages they rather block the way in a natural way but if you listen carefully the territory of the animals are still quite limited.

Anyway for one visit it is worth to go there. Do not expect to take photos unless you have an infra red set.


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