While I was in Bishkek some people asked me about my impressions of the city. But before I could answer they made a remark: "but dont say its nice and any bla-bla, because I won't believe".

And of course they are right. The capital, Bishkek looks like those industrial towns in Hungary in the '80s. (Ózd, Tatabánya, Komló etc.) On the first evening around 9pm I tried to go out for a walk, to look around, but very soon I turned back because actually there was nothing to see, very few people on the streets and the city lights....well, lets say not too bright!

The "lights" of Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

But on the other hand they were not right. A city, a place, a community cant be considered by its wealthiness only. Indonesia with its wonderful culture was the most impressing place to me, and the most disappointing was Germany with its cold people even if they are very rich. First of all in Kyrgyzstan the beautiness of the people was very impressive to me. They have special eyes, and older people (especially those from the countryside) are wearing that traditional hat called KALPAG.

KYRGYZSTAN, originally uploaded by BoazImages.

What is very interesting in Kyrgyzstan is their relationship to Russia. This is the first ex-soviet country I visited, which consider (consider again) Russians as "friendly brothers who helped us a lot". Actually in Bishkek everyone speaks/write rather Russian, I hardly could hear Kyrgyz language there.

My trip was a business trip, I spent all my time in Bishkek which is a pity. Beause Kyrgyzstan is a country which is worth to visit for its countryside! Around Bishkek there are wonderful mountains, and I had at least a few hours to visit those mountains when it was snowing:)

Jurta - Kyrgyzstan

But those mountains are not the most amazing ones in the country. Their landscapes are breathtaking and their lifestyle in the countryside is really very interesting. I just hope they will find their way to develop not in the well known environment destroying industrial way, but it might be a modern green paradise one day!