Kyrgyzstan - the arrival

Landing at the airport of Bishkek the first thing I saw from the window of the plane were docens of US military airplanes. So my first thought was: Gosh..they are present everywhere! At the airport then the first men saw were soldiers in those typical Russian Military caps. Something like this:

(photo: alice_abroad)

Arriving to a place all alone where you have never been before is a unique experience. I arrived at 2am to Kyrgyzstan, a guy holding a piece of paper with my name (written with Russian letters) was waiting for me. He didnt speak English at all, so just smiled, picked up one of my luggages and we went to his car. He was driving on the empty dark roads of Bishkek for like 40 mins and I felt like being in the movie: Lost in Translation.

Strange but even arriving to the hotel doesnt help. Hyatt Renegade Bishkek. But if I do not read the name of the city, this place could be anywhere. The same hotel, the same rooms, the same sterile environment with uniformized smiles and with mineral water for 5 USD in the bar.

Hyatt Regency - Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan