Beijing Duck

I have been to Beijing for three days and I havent tried Beijing Duck yet. Lidia doesnt like Chinese food so we been to Greek, Arabic, Russian places and to a not too Chinese restaruant called Buffallo untill now:) One morning I even went to Starbucks and in its door I said to myself: ok, take it as a gentle first step toward the Beijing Duck. The way to Beijing Duck leads throught the Starbucks.:)

Maybe I would have to write first about Forbidden City, Bei Hai park, Hu Tong and about Summer Palace but the most impressing to me (until now) was the former(?).....ok lets say recent.....industrial area, an old factory where are several art galleries mostly for contemporary art.

When the taxi arrived there I thought the driver again misunderstood the address because we found ourself in the middle of an industrial area. But it was the paradise of modern Chinese art.

I had an opportunity to take photos there but it was hard to discover and to document the name of the artists. So here I just refer to them showing the logo of their galleries giving such way a little publicity of them and encouraging you to visit that place (its name `798space`) in Beijing if you visit there one day:)


I wouldn`t say that I am too much into contemporary art. But this place gave me a special impression with its half factory half exhibition center look.


In many aspects I tried to compare the recent China to Hungary in the late 80`s when I could experienced how is the characteristic of a communist country. But I have to admit that China is totally different. One little aspect. They touch more bravely their symbols here then I experienced 17 years ago at home.



Here was forbidden to take photos. But I took one:) And believe me these sculpture very extremelly impressing.


And some photos, paintings